Every mama deservers a post partum doula

Why a Postpartum Doula?

It takes a village…
Not too long ago, we would have given birth surrounded by our mums, cousins, grandmas and sisters. The instant and relentless demands of a newborn were usually alleviated by the fact that some other family member was able to step in and help out. As expats in a foreign country, we don’t have our village with us. We are often more or less alone and live away from our nuclear families, which can make the responsibility of a newborn exhausting and overwhelming.
New parents have needs too…

Often new mothers struggle with breast-feeding. Thailand’s hospitals might have lactation consultants, but they usually just help you latch the baby and leave you to it.

Parents need help to feel reassured in their ways of caring for their baby. They need to feel safe to ask questions and be taken seriously in their concerns.

A postpartum doula can help overcome the initial challenges like breast-feeding, baby care, safe sleeping and many more things that seem overwhelming to new parents. A doula can help navigate the transition from birth to parenthood and give you the confidence and reassurance you need to find time to fall in love with your baby.

What I do

  • Help navigate the journey from pregnancy to parenthood
  • Support for breast feeding, formula feeding, exclusive pumping – whatever way you chose to feed your baby!
  • Support healing from birth (c-section care and support, vaginal birth recovery)
  • Baby care – bathing, feeding, dressing, diapering etc.
  • Referrals to resources in Bangkok and Thailand: doctors, pediatricians, psychologists, pelvic floor rehabilitation etc
  • Going back to work after baby
  • Sleep training and setting up healthy sleep habits


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